Dare to Say ‘Yes’

As I reflect on the month of June, I can’t help but smile and think back to the movie ‘Yes Man’, that Jim Carrey starred in several years back.

I love this movie, I love a good laugh, and Jim Carrey always delivers. The movie which finds Jim Carrey’s character, Carl, at a motivational seminar, takes us to through a humorous journey of his life transformation after he reluctantly agrees to say ‘yes’ to everything life throws his way.

Ironically, in June I played the part of Carl in my own life story as I found myself engaged in several new experiences because I said ‘yes’ and allowed myself to get uncomfortable.

The outcome? I met many wonderful and interesting people who captivated me with their personal stories of struggle and success, their philosophies on life, and their obvious passion for the journey that they’re on.  Each person, very unique in their goals yet very humble in their being.

These encounters were invigorating, and they challenged my comfort, extended my boundaries, and briefly tested my grit at the chance of sounding or looking foolish in front of complete strangers.

I’m not sure about you, but I can easily fall into the trap of overthinking the simplest of decisions and it can paralyze me or cause me to miss out on opportunities. I never used to be like this so perhaps it’s age-related or comes with having children. In my late teens and early 20’s, I was adventurous to the point that I traveled across the country to follow my heart. I was more spontaneous and ready to take risks.

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This ability to overthink or even procrastinate is something that I managed to acquire over time and is exactly why those closest to me tease me about the tattoo I have been talking about wanting for the past 10 years and have yet to get. Perhaps it’s a fear of commitment coupled with the concern of what people may think of me.

But not in June! By staying out of my head, accepting that I would be uncomfortable, and daring to say ‘yes’, I found myself engaged in new opportunities like:

  • sitting across the table from a successful business coach and speaker that I reached out to because I had been told on a couple of occasions that I “just had to meet her” because of our similar passions.
  • networking at an early Saturday morning event that I wanted to attend monthly for years but faithfully made excuses to myself about why this month just wouldn’t work.
  • interacting with other entrepreneurs at a small office luncheon enjoying small talk over fresh seafood and wine.
  • sitting in a home studio with an acquaintance from many years ago, sipping wine and getting reacquainted as a guest on her podcast.
  • sweating my butt off as I spontaneously accepted to try hot yoga again for the first time in over five years at 9:30am on a Wednesday morning to support my sister on her journey of self-care. Darn her for making me take care of myself too! (I loved it!)

So I ask, what would happen if you dared to say ‘yes’ more often and intentionally allowed yourself to be uncomfortable? Where would you find yourself and what would you be experiencing? Who would be sitting across the table from you, offering words of inspiration? What would you be trying for the first time? What benefits would you potentially experience in your personal or professional life?

My challenge to you – get out of your head and get uncomfortable.  It’s time to meet new people, build new relationships, try new things and embrace the opportunity to learn from others.

In the process you may even learn a little about yourself.


Lacking confidence in saying ‘yes’ to a networking event or coffee? Worried about what you will talk about? If so, contact me at val@evokesalescommunication.ca and let’s explore coaching opportunities to increase your confidence and your communication skills!