5 Reasons to Plan your Business

We’re well into the first quarter of the year and if you have not already done so, you need to stop to plan your business.  Likely, your Sales Manager and Executive Team will provide you with your sales budgets for the next 12 months but now the hard work falls upon you.

As a sales professional, it is important to reflect on the year passed and where opportunity may present itself for the year to come.  Think about the successes and challenges with processes, closing sales, demonstrating techniques, prospecting strategy and the overall customer care that your buyers are receiving.  You have a full year of data to assess and while this year may or may not be similar to last year, to go into your year blindly with nothing more than a ‘hope’ to achieve sales goals will not yield success.

Here are five reasons you want to, and truly need to, plan your business in 2019 (and every year!).

  1. You will find yourself more engaged and in control of your success.  Planning gets the creative juices flowing and part of the excitement of being in sales is the ability to bring your entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. You will gain focus and clarity on what needs to be done.  And, as you reflect on last year you will get a sense for what you need to continue doing, stop doing, and do better in order to achieve your goals.
  3. Planning your business will lead to setting goals and setting goals can only lead to great things!  Be sure to write out your goals, set deadlines and check in on them regularly to ensure you are achieving what you set out to.
  4. Thinking strategically allows you to chart your course for the year.  This helps you to recognize when you are straying from the plan or when there is something further that you need to adopt within the plan.  Consider it your roadmap to success.
  5. If you want to be successful then you need a plan.  Sales is a competitive career and if you are planning your business, focusing on your goals, striving for improvement and providing the best customer experience, then you will be steps ahead of your competition.

So while business planning may sound boring, and like something that head office should do, it isn’t.  Go to the local coffee shop, sip on a comforting hot chocolate, and get lost in a flood of strategy.  Taking the time to plan will be the difference between a successful sales year and a very mediocre year.

Plan your year and then plan to celebrate your accomplishments in 12 months!