At Evoke, Everything Speaks

What do I mean by this? It’s simple, yet not so simple. You see, from the moment a customer decides to purchase your product or service, everything you do sends a message.

From your marketing to your website, to your team that’s on front line and even your team behind the scenes, when it comes to the overall sales experience that your company delivers – everything… speaks!

That’s where Evoke comes in.

My mission is to help business owners (established, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs!) and sales professionals realize their dreams by helping them grow their sales.

Depending on your business needs, we will explore opportunities with:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Team Development
  • Training
  • Coaching

Interested in learning more about what I can do for your company?

Contact me and let’s explore the best opportunities for your needs!

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About Me

As a dedicated career sales leader with a background in real estate development, public relations and business administration, I believe firmly that selling is a noble profession.

Having coached sales professionals and built high-performing teams, my goal is to continue to educate, motivate and support the professionals that work in such an exciting field.

With a forte in sales management, I bring a wealth of technical sales training that provides a deep understanding of sales processes from several different perspectives.

Also, as an Insights Discovery™ Licensed Practitioner, I employ my experience and expertise in helping my clients overcome challenges with managing team members, understanding communication styles, and refining processes that lead to a positive customer experience.

And finally, admittedly I’m a bit of a success-geek and I can always be found reading or writing.  I’m inspired by what I read and by the people that I interact with (that’s you!), and enjoy contributing to the success of others through teaching, coaching, writing articles, or sharing my books – From Colic to Career and The Easy Road: Steering GenZed to Success.